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The wines handled by Yaoki are

Using grapes made with maximum

consideration for the environment,

"NATURAL WINE" finished with almost no additives

We are committed to providing.


Not just delicious The "story" leading up to that point

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The wines handled by Yaoki use grapes

grown with maximum consideration for the environment.

We are committed to providing “NATURAL WINE”,

which is almost additive-free.

What the creators value above all, To express the unique climate of my hometown with wine.

Muto, the owner, was in his early twenties

when he flew to France alone. I witnessed their thoughts.

Minimal human intervention to produce so-called "natural wine",

Respect the will of nature,

We are sincerely working to create an environment that maximizes the potential of the land.


It takes a lot of time and effort, but The effort and patience result in the creation of natural wines

that are friendly to the environment and the body.

Furthermore, it is possible to make wine that can convey

the taste of the hometown for generations to come.


A shop where you can find out what kind of person,

what kind of place, and with what kind of passion the wine was made.

That is "Yaoki".

I would like to deliver not only delicious food,

but also the “story” leading up to it.






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