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Yaoki's main menu is takoyaki and wine.

We aim to donate.

While we providers and customers enjoy Building a system

that will benefit someone I am up for the challenge.


share problems and learn

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Yaoki will donate part of the sales every month for someone's happiness.

We will donate to solve invisible problems that we will learn from now on.

Donation recipients will be decided each time.

What is important is someone's problem, somewhere's difficulty,

task, what you want to support, etc.

It's about sharing with everyone. And deepen the relationship

with the donation recipient and hand it directly,

Share what was used and take responsibility until the end.

Everyone can be conscious of these things in the process of deciding where to donate.

We think this will be a learning experience.

know and act. Stick to this simple but important principle of action.

For the world 1 year, 5 years, 10 years from now.






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