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"Yaoki" is the name of a greengrocer that used to operate on the first floor of a building next to "Senju."

Yaoki A shop started by Muto's grandfather, the founder of Yaoki.

The sound of the store name "800 Joy", and the vegetables and many smiles floated on my eyelids,

I decided to use the name of "Yaoki" as it is.

“A shop that saves the world with takoyaki”



A shop aiming to donate 1 million yen a year

It is a shop aiming at donation activities

with takoyaki and wine as its signboard menu.

While we providers and customers enjoy

I am taking on the challenge of building a system that will benefit someone.


“Little by little, we will expand what we can do.”

"A small step can lead to a big change"

Share this mechanism with people who have the same idea,

If I can expand the shops like Yaoki somewhere

I believe that food can change the worldfor the better little by little.

Even if it's not perfect, gradually expand what you can do,

The basis of Yaoki is that everyone walks together while having fun.

This challenge, regardless of nationality, age, skin color or gender,

I hope it will be a choice that everyone can share love.







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